photo by Veronica Spann

After graduating college, I started this small creative business and hit the road for a couple of years. I've lived on couches in Austin, in tents in the mountains of Colorado, and most recently in a cabin with one of my best friends on a boat in Antarctic waters. I'm living the dream. I'm based in Seattle, focusing on portrait/wedding photography and music videos...but of course, adventuring for work and play as much as society will allow.

photo by Megan Duncan

You found me! I’m Kendall, born and bred in the Pacific Northwest, currently based in Seattle, two blocks away from where my parents lived when they were first married. I am a visual learner, am moved by music, gravitate toward humanness, and ramble when I speak. I'm extremely nostalgic. I'm fueled more than anything by friendship and community, and that misty piney low tide smell. My work is my play and my life is my work - I took the batteries out of my microphone case to illuminate the lights of my jellyfish costume on Halloween. One of the happiest times of my life was spent making fish movies and living out of a repurposed construction trailer in Southeast Alaska. I’ll probably camp the night before your wedding if that’s ok.


photo by Tyler Lavoie

“I’m a traveling man, don't tie me down, there's just too much living going all around” - Lyle Lovett