I just finished assisting the Colorado College course, "Romantic Comedy: The Blue World" in Athens, Greece. During my time in Athens, I was able to get involved with the Salvation Army and assist in their efforts to help the refugees stuck in or passing through the city. The Colorado College students and I raised over $2,000 in two weeks, and distributed items such as feminine napkins, baby wipes, diapers, backpacks, hand sanitizer, hats, gloves, and socks to the refugees camped in Victoria Square, a metro stop in Athens. Here are some photos. 

Though at times the refugee crisis in Greece seems overwhelming, incomprehensible, and unsolvable, it was incredible to work with an organization that is working hard to make sure these people have the items they need. As these people are coming to Greece by boat and walking long distances as they move North, they were all very gracious and thankful for basic supplies. It was both an important and very interesting experience for all of us, to be within a historical event that most of our friends and family at home are only seeing on TV or online. I hope that these photos and the efforts of the CC students makes this issue more tangible for my friends and family back in the States. If you wish to donate to the Salvation Army in Athens, you can do so here. Thank you so much to those of you who donated to our efforts.