When I heard that We Eat Fish! had been accepted into the Anchorage International Film Festival, I immediately schemed a mini-vacation back to my second home. My visit to Sitka was packed full of friends, sunsets, art nights, frigid fingers, muskeg walks, and a photo explosion. Here is a visual recap. WHAT A PLACE. 



My heart full and my head running on two hours of sleep (gotta fit that last P Bar visit in), I departed for the Anchorage International Film Festival. In two days I saw about 20 films, made new friends from LA and Montreal, sipped champagne in between oyster shooters, became best pals with a four year old, and saw old friends and family (thanks Mom for calling all your high school friends). 

We Eat Fish! screened for the second time on Sunday, in the Made In Alaska block. We had lots of audience participation in the Q&A, and had multiple Alaskans come up afterward to sign the petition to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. Most questions and comments from the audience spurred from their surprise at how low Alaska's Fish Consumption Value is, and that this mistake means that their waters are more susceptible to degradation. Though some Alaska Native communities have found that 250 grams/day/person is a realistic Fish Consumption Value, Alaska's current rate is 6.5 grams/day/person. What?? The more fish people eat, the more the waters are protected, and the state of Alaska and the EPA have the duty to keep Alaska's waters pristine, and should raise the FCV before it's too late.  Washington and Oregon have recently raised their value to a more realistic 175 grams, and Alaska needs to do the same.  

Do you live in Alaska? Do you eat fish? Do you hope that your waters stay clean and your seafood stays safe and healthy? Please check out We Eat Fish! online, and sign our petition to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. 

I was encouraged to speak to so many people who care about their environment, recognize it's uniqueness, and are eager to use their skills and resources to make a difference. There are a lot of scary things happening in our country and our world right now, so please, speak up about things you care about, take action, and celebrate what we are so lucky to have. I was excited to see other films in my block about similar issues - please check out Ryan Peterson's new film "The Super Salmon." It's really, really good. 

Alaska continues to amaze me. Much love to friends, family, those who support filmmaking and the arts, and those who care about protecting their insanely absurdly breathtaking rich and magical state.