I've been in Austin, Texas for the past two months, crashing on couches, finagling my way into music festivals, and working on a new indie film called "Infinity Baby." It's a new project from Austin director Bob Byington, and it has a helluvacast. I'll be sure to update y'all on it's release.

I can't say y'all anymore because I'm leaving Austin now to head back to the GREAT NORTHWEST. 

practicing on the props, lunch break, keeping the actors comfy, spying on Mr. Offerman

Mischa and I with Nick, the nicest man alive. He made a point of knowing every single crew member's name and greeting us every single day, individually. 

Me and my buddy, Kieran 

having a hard time believing that it's the last day of shooting. 

getting "Buffalo"-ed for the third time during the wrap party.