Quark Expeditions - Antarctica

Lee House and I journeyed to Antarctica in 2018 to create short promotional pieces for Quark Expeditions. Our goal was to bring viewers into “Polar Moments,” to feel like they were actually there, interacting with penguins, experiencing pure silence, or stepping onto the continent for the first time.

The Sustainable Southeast Partnership

Promotional material made for The Sustainable Southeast Partnership in Southeast Alaska. Made in collaboration with Lee House while working at the Sitka Conservation Society. Music by Raph Shapiro, Ed Littlefield, Kyle Lutz, and Jenner Fox.

Learn more at sustainablesoutheast.net/

Restoration in Shelikof

In the summer of 2016, the United States Forest Service completed salmon stream restoration on Kruzof, an iconic volcanic island in Southeast Alaska. 

Made in collaboration with Lee House for the Sitka Conservation Society. 

Rainforest Custom - Juneau, Alaska

Made in collaboration with Lee House for Rainforest Custom Furniture and Cabinets in Juneau, Alaska.