This film was made with The Southeast Alaska Conservation Council and Inside Passage Waterkeeper in 2015. Alaska's 6,640 miles of coastline remain home to some of the cleanest waters and healthiest salmon runs left in the world. These resources are what make Alaska strong. Unfortunately, the regulations protecting them remain very weak - the weakest in the nation, in fact. Watch the film and learn more at InsidePassageWaterkeeper.com.


This documentary short explores the interactions and conflicts of faith and music. Featuring Seattle artists Allen Stone, Zach Fleury, Noah Gundersen, and Galen Disston (Pickwick), this film also follows Colorado musician Brian Wight as he chooses between his artistry and the prospects of a guaranteed comfortable lifestyle through a church job. This film was made as my senior thesis film at Colorado College. Film of the year at Colorado College, 2015. Official selection at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2016, ACM Film Festival 2016, and Reel Rose Award Nominee (Best Documentary Short) at JP2 International Film Festival, 2015.


STUDENT VIDEO ALERT. OLD BUT STILL SPECIAL. Created for Doug Pray's "Documentary Filmmaking" course during my second year at Colorado College. It is a short about Colorado Springs musician and my dear friend, Shawn D'Amario. It is about the power of music in Shawn's life as he struggles with homelessness, motivation, and the traumatic death of his father. Winner of Best Documentary at the Colorado College Film Festival 2014.