photo by Veronica Spann

I’m Kendall, born and bred in the Pacific Northwest, currently based in Seattle, two blocks away from where my parents lived when they were first married.  I’m often (usually) on the road, being my own boss and paying for my fancy ramen as a portrait and wedding photographer. 


I’m totally fueled by story, which is probably why I love working with musicians and learning about each tiny detail of a DIY wedding. I love people, and collaboration, and community. I love taking the time to get to the true character of a person or couple during a shoot to create work that shows their real personality, the depth and vibe of their craft, or the many silky storylines that weave into their important day. I love living this flexible lifestyle, and think that it has shaped me into an adaptable little observer. Put me on a mountainside in Alaska or on the Amtrak across the country - either way, I’m living the dream. I’m also writing this in my sweats from my “office” at the dining room table in my house in the PNW where I belong. Hi.





“I’m a traveling man, don't tie me down, there's just too much living going all around” - Lyle Lovett