Documentary REWILDERNESS currently in pre-production



Kendall Rock is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest with roots in Alaska, Kendall spent multiple summers working in Southeast Alaska with conservation organizations, creating videos, photo journals, and other media projects. In 2015, Kendall worked with the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council in Juneau to create the short documentary “We Eat Fish! The film was created within a National Geographic Lindblad grant to expose the poor water regulations and inaccurate fish consumption documentation in the state under the Clean Water Act and to encourage action for proper water protection. “We Eat Fish!” toured the US in 2016, winning “Best Environmental Film” at the Alaska International Film Awards and the “Grand Prize” at AOOS Film Contest 2016. Kendall’s love for storytelling keeps her on and off the road, taking her from Greece to Antarctica to Alaska to Germany to create a wide range of media projects.



 With degrees in ecology and journalism, Richard Forbes is passionate about finding and telling environmental stories. He is a passionate outdoorsman and has created several films about the significance of outdoor experiences, and is also a writer and photographer. He has extensive ecological experience, and in 2015, conducted months of field research on everything from aspen trees and forest regeneration to carbon flux in alpine environments. While living in Argentinean Patagonia, he interned at a scientific research center and created two short films (still used by the organization) to help educate the public about the value of the research being conducted in their region, and is currently working on a documentary about the Rio Grande and the border wall.