The "One To Love" video premiered on the KEXP Blog on April 3, 2017

Meagan Grandall (Lemolo) and I grew up just down the street from each other in Poulsbo, and after we met as adults we've connected over everything that comes from growing up in our sleepy Norwegian town...tiny neighborhood markets, Central Market, unicycling, the green carpet in the Portside Pub (RIP), etc. When we started talking about making a video together, we knew that we would want it to be set in the misty gray moody fingers of our home.

"The fact that the video is filmed on Lemolo Shore Drive feels more than just a clever callback to their name – it’s an insight into the band’s psyche. The water logged streets and endless grayness tap can be felt in the thudding rhythms of the drums and the sweeping tones of Grandall’s voice. Finally being able to hear the music and see the town in the same piece gives a wealth of context to what makes Lemolo work so well." - KEXP

We had an amazing team. I couldn't have done it without the boys from Partners In Cinema, who made the trek up from Austin and over from Seattle. Serious stars and friends.

So much thanks to our amazing movie stars, Adrian Centoni, Nathan Reed, Ryan Eddy, Jaimie Cook Alquist, Morgan Terry, Zach Fleury, Taylor Skansi, and Richard Forbes, to Jim (and Joe) Rowan, who let us sail on his gorgeous boat, Story, to my dad's cycling buddies, Bruce Bachen, Eric Terry, and Josh Marx who loaned me their bike lights, and to Lauren Sewell and Ana Yee who drove my car up and down Woods and Meadows with me hanging out the side window.