"I've never been comfortable in front of the camera.  Just the thought of having my photo taken creates great anxiety in me! We hired Kendall Rock to take our engagement photos because I trusted her and her professionalism.  Her fun disposition and kind nature immediately put us at ease!!!  What we experienced during our photo shoot was a couple hours of laughter and enjoyment, and at times, forgetting she was even taking our picture!!! Kendall has an imagination and artistic way of drawing you in while allowing you to enjoy the moment without making you feel awkward or unnatural.  She was able to capture the essence of our true personalities and love for each other.  The end results were photos that depicted who we truly are and moments that are now frozen in time!  We loved our engagement photos so much that we hired her again to take our wedding photos.  I would recommend Kendall Rock Photography if you're looking for a creative, honest, artistic, and extremely professional photographer!"

"I have never had such an enjoyable and spontaneous experience taking 'formal' portraits. You created such a reposeful atmosphere, that you allowed Lil's personality to unfold naturally. These images of her will be treasured by our family for years to come."
"Kendall's photography is professional and innovative with just the right touch of whimsy folded in for that something extra-special. Working with her is a breeze, and the atmosphere was always easy going and fun. Could not have come close to having a better experience (or as beautiful photos) with anyone else!"
"Kendall went above and beyond what I thought a wedding photographer could be - she integrated seamlessly into the day and was not only a photographer, but a manager, liaison, and by the end of the weekend, friend. My husband and I are both super awkward in front of a camera, but Kendall put us at ease, made us giggle, and really captured our love. The wedding party loved having her around - she is such a light and easy presence. Everyone - and I mean everyone - was thrilled not only with the quality of the photos but with the way she captured the intimate in-between moments. I would hire Kendall again in a heartbeat and strongly recommend her as the photographer for anyone's big day."

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